Tabb Middle School Courtyard by Preston Short

Preston Short, contributor

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To get to the Tabb Middle School courtyard, you have to go through Mrs. Aliff’s art class room 404. There are big, black, metal doors in the back of the classroom that lead to the courtyard. Once you get outside in the courtyard, you will see a lot of bushes and Crepe Myrtle trees. There is also a lawnmower right next to the door. There is an octagonal pond surrounded by small pebbles on the other side of the courtyard. There are orange fish in the pond. There is a brown bench surrounding the pond. Next to the bench there is a small owl statue. There is also pigs feet hidden in places placed there for a project from the Forensic Science class.

I think the purpose of the courtyard is to provide a habitat for all animals such as birds, frogs, and fish. The fish and the frogs have a pond to live in and the birds have the trees to build a nest to hatch eggs. Although the birds might eat the fish, this is how birds survive. The purpose of the pig’s feet is to attract maggots so they can observe the life cycle of a fly. They measure the temperature of the air, the maggots, and the bag. This helps them with the Entomology unit.



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Tabb Middle School Courtyard by Preston Short