Tabb Middle School’s Beautiful Courtyard by Natalie Zamiska

Natalie Zamiska, Contributor

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Tabb Middle School has an amazing courtyard. To get there, you have to go through the art room, or room 404. Ms. Aliff might be teaching a class, though, so be careful not to disturb them. The door will most likely lock behind you, so you might want to use something to hold the black metal door open. Once outside, you will realize that you are in the middle of a ton of classrooms. The courtyard is shaped like a square because of all the classrooms around it. It is about 80 feet long and 45 feet wide. There are many things in this courtyard.

First of all, there is a round pond at the very far left of the courtyard with tall grass and yellow and green algae in it. Many bright orange fish swim here. The pond is also a natural habitat for frogs and tadpoles. It is the perfect, peaceful world for life to grow. The pond is supplied with water from a faucet, and a pool net is always nearby in case there is something in the pond there shouldn’t be, like paper floating at the top. I remember seeing fish swimming around, chasing each other.

Moving on from the pond, there are many other aspects to the courtyard. Two Crepe Myrtle trees provide shelter for birds and bugs. Bushes allow small animals and insect’s privacy from people looking through the windows, viewing the breath-taking scenery. Rough grey rocks and stones all around the rim of the pond add to the majestic feeling of Tabb’s own eco-system. A drainage system at the center of the yard helps our beautiful yard to not flood. There are flower boxes housing lovely purple and yellow flowers. A rough wooden bench faces the pond, giving people the chance to relax while watching nature.

Lastly, Tabb’s courtyard doesn’t just give life to animals and insects. It also provides an area for classes to go out and draw the trees, or for Mrs. Golterman and her Sea Perch team to test their creations. In fact, there is a blue inflatable pool out there for Sea Perch to experiment with their water objects. The caretakers have two lawn-mowers and hoses to keep the courtyard perfect. There are gloves outside so they can pull up weeds, and a trashcan for any trash found to be thrown away. A wheelbarrow with wooden handles and a smooth metal bottom also allows new plants and flowers to be planted. An electrical outlet is on the wall just in case something needs to be plugged in for taking care of the garden. Something students could do is help clean and take care of the garden. Teachers could also take students out there to give them a little break.

Furthermore, Tabb Middle School’s courtyard has many wonderful aspects and purposes. A pond gives fish and frogs a natural habitat, animals and insects are given shelter, and flowers can bloom in a well-kept space. In conclusion, the courtyard here at Tabb Middle School isn’t just a place for students to see life, it’s a home for many wonderful, beautiful living things.

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Tabb Middle School’s Beautiful Courtyard by Natalie Zamiska