TMS Courtyard by April Cherry

April Cherry, Contributor

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At Tabb Middle School, the courtyard is special for many reasons. This is where art students go outside to get inspiration on what to draw or create. This is also a place for the TMS SeaPerch team. This team is where students create underwater robots and compete and complete tasks with their creation. Overall, the TMS courtyard is a beautiful sight.

To get to the courtyard, you have to go inside of Ms. Aliff’s art room (room 404). Across from the door are some double doors that lead to the open outdoors. The courtyard is located in the middle of the school.

When you step outside, you should see a blue pool with water that has been polluted with pollen and dirt. This pool is for the SeaPerch team. There are also some crepe myrtle trees and shrubs ahead. There is also a pond surrounded by moss-covered stone slabs and tall grass. A solar-powered owl statue poses beside the pond. Two lawnmowers lean against the wall of the school. A hose is connected to the building. One bench is along the side of the pond as well. Many forms of nature such as sticks, pebbles, and other elements are in the range of the courtyard.

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TMS Courtyard by April Cherry