TMS Courtyard by Colin Engler

Colin Engler, Contributor

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I took a trip to the Tabb middle school courtyard and have been tasked with describing my frivolous journey to the beyond and unknown. Our story begins with me (Colin Engler) and my friends (Cole Hurd, Dakota brown, Ryan Melroy) taking a trip to the courtyard. We started our quest at Ms. Allif door we walk in and see the grand spectacle that is the ART ROOM after walking to the back door we waltz outside to feel the blazing sun on our skin.

The yard itself is very large its 80 ft. long and 45 ft. wide, surrounded by walls upon walls of windows, a large pond full of fish, and a big blue pool ready and assembled for the sea-perch team to test their robots, so well maintained that it looks untouched by humans, just a beautiful place to spend even a minute just resting upon the green blades of grass, if you look at such a place of beauty and serenity through a window you can’t take in all the magnificence.

Beyond the trees and behind the grass there lies a pond full of fish and holds what feels like the whole school together behind the trees and beyond the grass out the window of your Spanish, history, math, civics, English, art, or your computer lab, you see the unused, untouched, but yet still full of love.

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TMS Courtyard by Colin Engler