TMS Courtyard by Dakota Brown

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Tabb middle school what comes to mind? It is just a typical middle school like any other, but this middle school is not as any other it has a courtyard. You walk in the school through either front door head to the room 404 or the art room. You enter and see all the Tabb Tigers artwork then you see a double black door with windows you peek out and you see the courtyard.

When those doors open you see a light blue pool filled with green water full of leaves and bugs it looks like it has not been clean for weeks but walking past that and looking around you see 2 big trees they are Crepe Myrtles and there are a verities of shrubs scattered around. If you head out towards the beginning or the end, you will see pig’s feet. They are for forensic science learning about the process of decomposition.

The main thing in the courtyard is the pond surrounded with concrete bricks then little pebble surrounding the pond with a bench and a fake owl that always stares at Mrs. Bean’s history class. You easily relates three shrubs with swamps.

That is the Tabb middle school courtyard were students could look out for a quick break. Many other things you can do would be an unlimited amount.



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TMS Courtyard by Dakota Brown