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The Courtyard of TMS has many things to offer. There are so many facts, details, and aspects about the courtyard that it’s impossible to fit them all in one paragraph. Let’s start out on how to get to the courtyard. First, go into the main entrance of TMS, then make your way to room 404 (Ms. Aliff’s room). After that, there will be another door leading to the courtyard. This is the only possible way to get in to the courtyard from my knowledge.

Anyways, the first step you’ll take into the court yard you’ll see a lawn mower to your right, but mostly green from the bushes, grass, trees, and plants. A blue pool will also be one of the first things you’ll see with a couple of plants neighboring it. The heart of the courtyard though is the small pond with frogs, dead fish, and some rocks surrounding it. A lot of tiny, miniature rocks are used as a carpet next to the pond. Next to the pond there is a brown wooden bench for people to sit on and relax out there to have some peace and quiet as well with a fake owl and a frog sculpture for show. Behind the pond, you’ll see a hose with water flowing out of it into the pond if you’ve ever wanted to know where the pond gets its water from.

The courtyard itself is mostly just a rectangle surrounded by square glass panels and old red bricks. Through the transparent windows, kids are in their classes doing work with a view to their left or right of the courtyard. I think it’s good that kids have a view of the courtyard so they can refresh their brain and have a break from doing school work for a long time. Something that reminds me of the courtyard will always be the pond because that is the heart of the whole thing.

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