TMS Garden by Eden Weygandt

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The Tabb Courtyard is important to the school, students, and the environment. To get to the courtyard you must go through room 404, which is the art room. Behind the door in the art room is the Tabb Middle Courtyard. The courtyard may not be big but it’s very important. It houses frogs, fish, small birds, dragon flies (babies), and even a copper hawk. The hawk comes in on spring afternoons and hunts the frogs. In the center of the courtyard there is a pond with weeping moss and water weed on both ends, 2 large Crape Myrtle trees, 5 smaller unknown trees, a rectangular wooden bench, brown and tan/yellow pebbles make a ring around pond, a blue plastic pool, brown plastic owl and round stone frog are a few of the objects that fill the courtyard.

Everything in the courtyard has a purpose. The pond is there to support the frog wild life, the frogs are there to feed the hawk, the plastic owl is there to keep away the predators, and the trees are there to make homes and provide fresh air. Hidden under the thick, coarse water weed, sleek red minnows swim to stay alive and stay away from their predator the bullfrog. Perched above the pond sits a beautiful Red-Tailed hawk eyeing her prey. It is the circle of life, each one there to keep another alive. Next time you go out to the courtyard see if you can find the wildlife and when you do try to catch it hunting. When I was in 6th grade my family and I went to a lake house. One day one of the bald eagles that nest in the pine trees swooped down and grabbed a foot long fish! This is only one example of nature at work.

The courtyard is a place, build to teach and support the wild life. From fish to bullfrog to eagle they are all part of the ecosystem and equally important. Without them, none of us would be here.

***Did you know that frogs are the most important part of the ecosystem? Their population picks up changes quickest. If the population goes up the ecosystem is healthy, but if it goes down that is a big red warning sign saying “Somethings wrong!”***

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TMS Garden by Eden Weygandt