Locker 279 by Taniya Love

Taniya Love, staff

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        Locker (noun) 1) a small lockable closet or compartment typically as one of a number placed together or public or general use e.g. school, gymnasiums, train stations. 2) A device that locks something. (Google dictionary)

I would describe a locker as a cabinet that stores your important thing that you wouldn’t want stolen. Sometimes it jams other times it opens as if the hands of a god entered your combination. You could use a locker at school, the gym, a train station, or even at home as decoration. People that like to thrift may even take an old locker and up-cycle it. I use my locker to store my things for school. Being in middle school requires lots of school supplies like big two inch binders and textbooks that get the locker stuck easily.

The lockers that my peers and I share are quite thin but very tall. Many schools that I’ve seen typically have smaller lockers but they are bigger in width or they carry their backpacks around. Lockers are very beneficial they definitely help reduce the amount of clutter in classrooms. My locker is a plain beige color, it’s very subtle and simplistic. My locker is also in, what I like to call, the main clutter. Many people have their locker the same general area as mine. Everybody is ordered alphabetically by last name and by grade, it would be very confusing if sixth graders locker were in the eighth grade hallway. Luckily for me, my locker near all my friends, I usually go to my locker then wait for them at the end of the day. At TMS the students get four minutes to go to their lockers, possibly socialize, and go to their next class.

Cramming. What an amazing technique to keep all my things in place. My locker is somewhat organized, I have lots of necessary things in it. five binders, two yellow notebooks, one fluffy jacket, and one big purple backpack. TMS sells locker organizers at the beginning of the year and they are very useful, if you don’t have one it can be very hard to organize your things. My backpack is stored at the bottom of my locker organizer, while my books and jacket is stored in the top two sections. My locker is locker #279, I never remember which locker is mine, but I have a locker magnet that has my name on it. For the longest time I’ve wanted a locker magnet with my name and I finally got one this year after joining the cheer team. The inside of my locker is also full of my flashcards, pencils, marker, food, lotion, and perfume. I like to have lotion and perfume in my locker just in case of an emergency such as, forgetting to put on lotion before you get to school.

No matter if it’s meaningless, a necessity, or you use it one in a while, a locker is something everyone has used or is still using in their life. You could be working out, in the military, or still in middle or high school. The skinny but long, beige cabinet.

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