Great Things About My Locker by Dominick Turner

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There are many great things about a locker. Things like privacy, storage, notes, and valuables are some of them. But have you really considered all of your lockers’ great features? A locker is an amazing tool in school because it keeps all your belongings safe, and makes sure nobody else can get to them. A locker holds all of your binders, folders, books, jackets, and practically anything you can fit in there will be safe. When thinking of a locker, there is many things to put into consideration.

A locker is one of the best things you can have in school because it keeps all of your belongings safe. Some people keep their phones in their locker, and phones are expensive. They don’t worry because they trust their locker to make sure nobody can take it. A locker consists of a spinning combination that has numbers 1-45 on it. When you get your block schedule on the first day, it will tell you what classes you have and it will tell you your locker number and your locker combination.

A locker is a great way to organize your school supplies because they can hold so much binders and belongings so you don’t have to haul around everything around. A locker also makes sure you don’t lose anything while your belongings are stored in your personal locker. You should keep the binders that you aren’t using in there so you won’t lose anything, especially notes. The locker is 58 inches tall and 7 inches wide, which is good enough to hold all of your belongings. It is also made out of a strong aluminum, to make sure nobody can break into it.

Another reason your locker I so important is because you can decorate it and make it unique. Your locker may be dirty and crammed but that’s when you should clean it out and make it unique. It may start out as beige, but you can decorate the inside of the locker. There is also a pen cap trick, so how you do it is you unlock your locker, but keep holding the black plastic rectangle up, you will see a hole, that’s when you stick a pen cap inside it. Now, I don’t recommend this but it can lead to other people getting inside your locker since your blocking the locking mechanism from keeping your belongings secure.

Those are the many reasons a locker is very useful, you just have to take them into consideration to actually get to know all of the great features of a locker. The many reasons a locker is extremely useful is important to consider thinking of.





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