Interesting Things about My Locker by Drew Colen Jr.

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 The definition of a locker is a small lockable closet or compartment and that perfectly describes it. Locker are usually used in schools, gyms, Rec centers such as the YMCA, etc. I store all my school supplies in my lockers.  

In my school we have two lockers are regular lockers and gym locker. I will explain both in this essay. 

My regular locker the one I’m supposed to use every day is kind of like a backup locker I use my gym locker more, but I have to describe my regular locker. In my lockers there’s a lot of trash there’s food wrappers, empty bottles, loose papers, sticky notes flash card and food. There are orange, black, red, and blue binders and orange and red folders. There is also a lot of clothes I have a spare shirt, some shorts, and a pair of shoes. There are a lot of leftover school supplies from the beginning of the year. There is my second phone, a monkey, a cube, and a wallet. The outside of my locker is beige in color its 57 and a half inches tall 7 inches wide.  

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