Locker 633- By Matthew Swanenburg

Matthew Swanenburg, Writer

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Oxford Dictionary describes locker as, “A small lockable cupboard or compartment, typically as one of a number placed together for public use.” But right now, in this very moment, it is none of those things. Instead, it is the root of all my fears. Most people use lockers to store hats and water bottles while on rides at theme parks or to store clothes while working out. Yet, this locker seems to be more dangerous, no, mysterious, than most. My locker normally contains things like binders, or notebooks, my phone, pencil pouch and other random things like doodles. But I feel something different from this one. I must get closer. Find out more! And that’s just what I shall do.

I walk into Tabb Middle School through the seventh grade entrance, my eyes still locked on the locker. I pass by an art classroom, with the name, “Aliff” above the door. Every locker down this hallway looks the same. Greenish- brown color, twelve vents on the locker. There on six on the top, and six on the bottom. There are three hinges on the side, and it has a dial. And that very dial will be my ticket inside this peculiar locker. The number on the locker is 633, and it is made of metal. Around the dial, there is a key hole and a gray frame surrounding it. Also, there is a black lever to open the locker, after putting in the combination. If I had to guess, the locker is 58 inches tall, thirteen inches from the wall and seven inches across. I take a deep breath, close my eyes for a second and gather myself, then I open it. And you won’t believe what I saw.

I peer inside the blood- curdling locker and freeze. My eyes are initially drawn to an orange shelf, hanging by a metal hook. The shelves are made of fabric, and hanging from them are numerous binders and notebooks. One of the binders is a dark gray. Also, one is light blue, another is orange and finally there lies a white one. Above the binders is my backpack. It is red and yellow, with black straps. On the bottom cloth shelf, there are multiple notebooks. One green and one white. Whoever takes care of this locker is a slob. And my worst nightmare! I look at the door of the locker to see if I can observe any other details. On the side I notice some sort of literature. It reads, “2Ka”. I read the message in my locker over and over again. I think it is some sort of foreign code. My attention is then drawn to a sweatshirt that is bundled on the top shelf. This shelf is made of metal. As I look at the sweatshirt I also see a book titled, “Out of the Dust”. I now know that this locker must be in commission. Which means the owner could be near. I must escape soon. Only a few more details to capture before my departure. I look to the floor of the locker. I see a white science paper- back book, and a lot of crumbled up paper on the bottom. There is also a golden magnet on the ground. I look around a bit more, but I think I have found everything. I then hear a noise from the end of the hallway. I have everything I need, and now it’s time I dash.

A locker is used for many things. It is one of the most practical items for everyday situations. The locker I searched today was clean. It gave me the information I needed. I did my research on the scary locker down the seventh grade hallway, and now I can finally escape, and I now know everything there is to know about lockers.


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