Locker Description by Josh jones

Joshua jones, Locker Description by Josh jones

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Locker-a small lockable closet or compartment, typically as one of a number placed together for public or general use, e.g., in schools, gymnasiums, or train stations.

Today I will be doing an essay on my middle school locker. But before that, I will be giving yall examples on what lockers are used for. Lockers are generally made from different kind of materials like metal, plastic, wood, laminate etc. Lockers are generally used in, homes, offices, schools, health clubs, spas and gym. They are great for storing your valuable stuff and personal thing. But in my opinion I rather use my gym locker because it is bigger.

Now let’s get to the outside of my locker. Lockers are a beige color but sort of a light gray. There are slits in the locker for air. Three hinges on the side to open and close it usually you would put wd40 to help unrust them if they get rusty. The lockers average length is 57 and ½ of an inch with three inch slits in the top with a width of 7 inches.

The inside of the locker is a narrow space with just enough width to be able to fit an organizer in there to fit everything in there. Usually what you have in there is your binders pencil pouch compensation note book. Book bag if you can fit in there usually there’s enough space at the bottom for it.

And this is my description about my locker and this is only efficient if you go to Tabb middle school.

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