Lockers By Abby K

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Lockers, Lockers, Everywhere

On a scale of 1-10 rate how much you like your locker. Actually, before you do that let me define a locker. According to Merriam Webster, a locker is a drawer, cupboard, or compartment that may be closed with a lock especially one for individual storage use. Who normally uses lockers varies depending on the location. Lockers can be used by athletes, military officers, office workers, medical personnel, students, and almost anyone who needs to store something that is valuable enough to be locked up, ex. storage lockers. Personally, I use my locker to store my books, binders, notebooks, school supplies, backpack, and occasional coat or jacket.

Lockers can be made out of metal, laminate (mixed materials), wood, plastic, and Phenolic, which is high pressure laminate. Our lockers here at Tabb are made out of steel and plastic for the lockers. They are nine inches wide and five feet five inches tall forming a rectangle. The lockers look tall and skinny and are a beige color. I am locker #261, located on the hallway with the 7th +and 8th grade science classrooms, next to the locker of Marisol Knight.

The inside of my locker is divided into four sections. The top shelf is where my lunchbox is located, along with various holes, scratches, and a long strip of chipped paint on the edge. Below that is my locker organizer, hung on two of three hooks and the color blue. I have one binder in the top section of my locker organizer that usually rotates between my English binder and my Science binder depending on the day. The middle section is where I store my jacket and backpack until the end of the day. The very bottom is where I keep the rest of my stuff; two notebooks, one for French(yellow) and one for Civics(green), one binder(blue), also for French, a science textbook, pencil pouch(purple), agenda, and various school supplies.

Lockers can be found anywhere and everywhere. And thus, the inside of the locker will vary wherever it is located too. The outside of my locker may be the same as others but the inside is definitely different.

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Lockers By Abby K