Lockers by Elizabeth D

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Have you ever wanted to learn more about a locker? says a locker is a chest, drawer, compartment, closet, or the like, that may be locked, especially at a gymnasium, school, etc. for storage and safekeeping of clothing and valuables. Lockers are used by athletes, in hospitals, the military, and more. I use my school locker to hold my books, binders, lunch box, and backpack.

Lockers can be made of metals, wood, plastic, and phenolic. My locker width is nine inches, door width is seven inches, locker height is 59 inches, locker door height is fifty seven inches, my locker area is 528 inches, and the door area is 410 inches. The appearance of my locker is a skinny and tan door with a black lock and white numbers. My locker is a long, rectangular shape. Lockers are all over the school but mine is located near the nurse’s office and the guidance office. Some of my locker neighbors are Carley, Nylah, and Kaden.

I have one shelf on the very top of my locker, I have a locker organizer that has three shelves also. I have various holes that are double sided in my locker. I have one hook that holds my locker organizer. Lastly, I have a phone holder that has magnets so it sticks on the side of my door.

Lockers come in handy when you go to school because it’s a compartment that holds your belongings when you’re in class and you won’t have to carry all your items into class. Mostly middle and high school students use lockers but don’t forget, hospitals, athletes, gyms, and the military use lockers too. Anyways, having a locker comes in handy when you have a lot of books to carry.



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