My Locker By Kadence Butte

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Lockers, most people use them every day. They let us store things we don’t want to carry, stuff that’s valuable to us, and lets us use them to put our gym clothes in. A locker is a drawer, cupboard, or compartment that may be closed with a lock especially one for individual storage use definition by Merriam- Webster. People who normally use a locker are hospitals, military, athletes, etc. I normally use my locker to hold my binders, lunch, and backpack. It took me a long time to figure out what’s on the inside and out because of how much details there are.

My locker is 5ft tall, and the door height is 4.9 ft. tall. My locker has 12 holes in the front, and an orange chain reactions magnet. The locker is a tannish color, and is really skinny, and short. It’s by the guidance office, and the nurse’s office.

Inside my locker on the door I have an orange paw print and three pictures of different kinds of dogs. On the top shelf I have extra supplies. I also have a blue and purple organizer that has two extra shelves where I put my binders, folders and extra notebook paper.

I use my locker every day, and even though it may get jammed I’m thankful I have it so I won’t have to carry a huge book bag everywhere I go.

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