My Locker by Skylar McCauley

Skylar McCauley, Journalist

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The lockers at Tabb Middle School are all one of the same when seen at a glance, but each one has some unique characteristics. By definition, lockers are “a small lockable closet or compartment typically placed togetherf for public or general use”. The lockers at Tabb Middle School are made by Republic Storage Co., which as of now seems to have been acquired by Echelon Capital LLC and renamed to Republic Storage Products LLC, all have a beige color. These lockers are used by all students of Tabb Middle School. Personally, I use my locker to store things like my backpack, water bottle, and binders for my classes.

They come at almost 5 ft. in height and about 9 ft. in width. The front of the locker covers an area of about 44 ft. sq. and a volume of a 528 ft. cu. The materials vary, but the locker doors are made from 16 or 18 gauge mild cold rolled steel. The combination dial itself is made from a black plastic with white letters printed on. The metal around the combination lock is made from stainless steel. The combination lock looks somewhat brand new compared to the rest of the locker. The body of the locker is made from 24 gauge mild cold rolled steel. My locker, #289, is located near Mrs. Brooks’ and Mrs. Shaske’s room.

Being that Tabb Middle School opened in 1997, these lockers have most likely have been through quite a bit. My locker in particular has a somewhat rusty hinge that squeaks when the door is moved. The inside of every locker has screws on both sides as well as the top and bottom. Some screws also have a washer attached for stability. There are also three hangers inside for use with backpacks and locker dividers. My locker in particular has countless scratches and rusty patches of metal on the inside of the locker. It also has a sticker with the text “Flirt”, most likely from the one of its many previous owners. I have anywhere from three to six binders in my locker at any given time along with my backpack, water bottle(s), and colored pencils. I don’t have any locker dividers, so it’s usually a game of Tetris when trying to organize my locker.

Middle school lockers are like a box of chocolates. You never what you’re gonna get until you open it up. You can learn many things about a person from looking at their locker; whether they’re neat and organized or messy and careless, what classes they take, personal hobbies and much more. Every locker is one of the same when seen at a glance. However, take a good look at each one and you’ll be surprised by what you can find.

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