My Locker Description By Jeremiah Wiley

Jeremiah Wiley, Writer

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Lockers are a great place to store valuables in a small compartment. A locker is small lockable closet or compartment, usually in public places public or general use like locker rooms or water parks. People who usually who use lockers are students, athletes, and doctors. I use my school locker to store my books, binders, snacks, and my papers. 

The outside of my locker is 150 cm in length and 7 inches in width. It also has 12 vents, 2 bolts, 3 hinges. Some details it has is that there is a magnet, highlighter, rust, and a lock. It has 3 different compartments and you can even get a locker organizer to organize the compartments. I have a brick wall to the left beside my locker and a locker on the right of my locker 

The inside of my locker is very different from the inside. The inside has 1 shelf, and 1 hook. All the details on the inside of my locker are that its trashy, has books, binders, dividers, and paper. I keep my bookbag on the bottom and I keep my trash, snacks, drinks on the top. Then in the middle I keep my binders, papers, dividers, and books all in the middle of the locker. 

These are all the big and small details of my locker. The inside and the outside. 


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