School Locker Details By Makayla Wilson

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Students that attend a middle school or high school have most likely used the thing known as a locker. A locker is a small lockable closet or compartment, typically as one of a number placed together for public or general usage. It is also used in schools, gymnasiums, and train stations. Clothes, equipment, and more are normally stored in a locker. Personally I use my locker to store books, binders, and folders.

The lockers at my school are 150 centimeters tall and the width is 22.8 centimeters wide. My locker has a scratch on the outside along with two magnets. The one magnet is from volleyball season. It is black, orange and white with my name and number on it. I also have a basketball magnet that has the same features as my volleyball one, but it’s a basketball. The locker is beige so it’s a pale sandy yellowish-brown color with a nob on the outside for the combination.

Lockers have many different things on the inside. Binders, textbooks, and notebooks are typically in my locker. I have an orange and black locker organizer that has two separate shelves. My binders are placed in the top and bottom of my locker to prevent the lock from jamming. I also have thirteen magnets from different states and countries like Japan, Korea, California, and Colorado. Clips are also placed in my locker for pictures of friends.

My locker is used in my daily life to protect the things that I take with me to school. It also stores a lot of other things. Most people have probably used a locker in their life time and are thankful for the protection it provides.

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