What Up With Lockers? By Jarren Tucker

Jarren Tucker, Writer

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Lockers, one of the most common things located in schools for decades. The Merriam-Webster definition for a “locker” is:  a drawer, cupboard, or compartment that may be closed with a lock especially : one for individual storage use”

Lockers are used in many ways, for many kinds of people. Probably the most common people who use lockers are middle and high school students. They use them to store their books and school supplies during the day. This is how I use my locker at my school. Now, they aren’t the only ones who use them. The military also uses lockers for their supplies. You can also find them located in a lot of locker rooms. As the name implies, there are lockers inside this room. They are mainly used to store athletic gear, such as cleats and shorts. Many tourist attractions like an amusement park may have lockers. These lockers are designed to keep your possessions safe and sound. I think lockers are pretty neat, and they are very helpful with getting through school.

The outside of my locker at Tabb Middle School is located near the 7th grade entrance at the front of the building. The dimensions of the lockers at Tabb Middle School are 58” in height and 7” in width. I think the lockers are a little small, and should be bigger. The shape of the locker is a tall rectangle. The locker on the outside is pretty shiny. My locker number is 648, and is to the left of Mrs. Aliff’s art room. I am surrounded by a lot of other students’ lockers, only a few which are my actual friends. My locker is made up of metal, and its color is tan. At the top and bottom you will see two sections of six vents. Near the combination key, there is a dial to turn and has numbers listed from 0-49 on it. There is a button above to open up the locker, but it will only open if you enter the correct combination of numbers.

Now, my locker doesn’t have any fancy things like mirrors or stickers, it’s pretty normal. Mostly everyone else has the same items inside of their own locker. Opening up the locker you will instantly see a shelf near the ceiling of the locker. On this shelf, I have a pack of sticky notes. You will also be able to notice the three hinges on the door of the locker. On the door, you can see the back of the combination key. There are also three holes at the floor of the locker doorframe. My personal locker has five total binders. The colors of these binders are black, blue, red, and two white. My black 2” binder is for English class. The blue 1.5” one is used for science. The red 1.5” binder, I use for civics. Finally, I have my two white binders, which are different sizes. The 1.5” white binder I have is currently being used for Algebra. The 1” white binder I have I bring to my Newspaper and Mass Media class. I also have a blue lunch box, which I keep at the shelf of the locker and a black book bag. These items are pretty self-explanatory. Another accessory I have in my locker is my pencil pouch and my agenda. I store all my supplies in my pencil pouch, and I use the agenda to record my homework for the day.

That is really all I have to say about my locker. My locker is the same on the outside as everyone else, and we all basically have the same stuff inside. Every student here at Tabb is given their very own locker to store their school supplies in, along with a combination to make sure nobody else can get inside it. School lockers have a lot in common with any other lockers. As the definition states, lockers are for individual storage use. I think lockers are great, and the way we use them here really helps everyone get to where they need to be without having to carry ten pounds on them to every class. I still think the lockers could be bigger in capacity, though. Other than that, lockers are great for the world and our own Tabb Middle School!

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