Wonderful World of Lockers by JT Pelofske

JT Pelofske, Writer

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Lockers are very odd and tedious things, but nevertheless, they are necessary in everyday life. The definition of a locker is “a small compartment used for storing things such as books, coats, etc.” they are commonly found in schools. They can have a padlock, a built in lock, or none. In Japan, there are no locks on anything in schools. Which is not safe for your belongings, if they get stolen, then oh well I guess. The typical door thickness for a locker is five sixteenths of an inch, or eight millimeters.

Nobody knows where lockers were invented, all that is known is that locks originated in the near east. The earliest lock operated by a key was found about four thousand years ago in the ruins of Khorasan near Nineveh, the capitol of ancient Assyria. After the invention of locks, people started to store their valuable items in lockers.

Technological progress has allowed engineers to deliver reliable lockers secured by keyless electronic locks. These advances provide unparalleled security solutions. The visionaries of internet of things (IoT0 have technological roadmap that predicts that physical sense, analyze, communicate with each other and interact in their own, without human intervention. Imagine your locker being able to sense when your car or phone is near and unlock itself as soon as you enter the room.

That’s all the future, let’s talk about the present. Lockers are mainly used to store belongings, and equipment. At a school you use lockers for storing school supplies on the go, in gyms, you use them to put extra clothes, workout equipment, etc. and in places like water parks and public pools, you put your wallet, keys, extra clothes, or things you don’t want to get wet like cell phones or other electronic devices.

At a school, you are assigned one locker for the whole year, so you can decorate it, put magnets, stickers, pictures or even a disco ball (I have actually seen that a few times) just as long as you take it down in June. However, our school lockers are fairly old, so I had to switch lockers a few months into the year because my latch bent and it kept jamming. Honestly, that is a locker even Davey Jones would be afraid of.

Speaking of my locker, like I said before, it is old. I saw a carving in the inside that said 1998, I wouldn’t be surprised if that was actually put there in the nineties, the hinges creak whenever I open it, but surprisingly, I have no problem opening it, except for the occasional jam, it seems to have stood the test of time. It doesn’t look new, though, I don’t think Mrs. Young remembers when they were new. I had some problems with my old locker jamming, it was so bad that Dr. Hartley wasn’t even able to get it open. It was so old the bottom latch had bent from being used so many years, it took several tries of prying it open with a massive screwdriver, once we were in, needless to say, I was not going to use that locker anymore.

Now, there is someone else using it, I feel so bad for him every time I walk past and he is struggling with the door; he probably has the combination down well– it’s the just locker’s fault. But I can’t really do anything, how do you think someone would react if you walked up and said “Hi, I’ve memorized your locker combination…” until then, my locker will be chaos.

The inside of my locker is like a pocket dimension, you have no idea how much it can hold until you’re cleaning it out and use like two and a half trash bags, but when its empty, it doesn’t want to fit even three binders. I looked inside the seven inch wide four and a half foot tall dungeon and saw so many sheets of homework that my dog ate, but somehow they are perfectly intact in the bottom of the small metal warzone. I wonder how they got there. For some reason I have an old t-shirt in there, I don’t know how long for, and an agenda that has someone else’s name on it, but somehow it is in my locker? It is weird to say the least, but it’s what junk I have accumulated over the course of six months, and my locker was clear last locker cleanout. (PS, a pocket dimension is a piece of space cut out of another dimension and fitted into another space, so it’s like an unassuming portal to an endless space.)

Maybe my locker has a brain, and it laughs at the fact that I can never find anything, and then teases ne by making it show up afterward, maybe I’m just being paranoid, but just in case, I’m onto you, locker!!!

Until I can find out whether my locker is a sentient being, a pocket dimension, or maybe a home for mischievous goblins, I will keep observing and keep in the know about the wonderful world of lockers. If I don’t write again, it’s because my locker ate me for knowing too much.


Until next time,



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