My Locker by Rachel Beck

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My locker is just like everyone else’s.  In the front it has that nice tan color with 1 vent, with 3 bolts to open it, and close it and a lock with 50 numbers to open it. My locker is 3rd from last and 6th from 1st.  My  locker is joined with my sisters so it’s a hard way getting through because they get there before me and it is a long wait till I can get my things and go to class on time.  Once you open my locker you will see the organized school books on the placed in shelves.  All my binders are black and placed in classes I have in order. My placed in shelf is black and red and  it is hanging from 2 out of 3 hooks, then you will look up to the top shelf and see a math big book and 3 water bottles that are empty. My locker is about 5’6 5’7 taller than me for sure. My locker has about 20 random holes in the walls 5 each on the sides and 5 each on the roof and the floor. My locker floor is broken so it looks like a “u”. My locker is as basic as can be.

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