Lockers Have Information by Kendall Hay

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In a world that is filled with stuff to carry, you only have one place to put it in for safe keeping.

A locker is like a chest that keep things for storage and safe keeping by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. Lockers are generally used in homes, offices, schools, spas, hospitals, YMCA, gyms, and for the military. They are great for storing your valuable stuff and personal things. I use my locker like another student would. I store my books, binders, coats, backpack, and gym clothes. But I have my own little schedule on what book to store or keep with me.

Lockers come in, in different shapes and sizes. Standard measurements of a school locker is usually around 57inchs high and 4.75ft wide. Lockers can come into many different colors for life. Not much people would like a boring color on their locker, so people either paint it or put color on the inside. It depends on if the locker is owned by you or rented by you. In schools, gym locker rooms and pool locker rooms ex. There are locker numbers on the lockers to keep it organized and able to be located. Most lockers would have little holes or little ruffles that stick out of the outside.

Enough of the outsides of the lockers. In the inside of a locker, it has holes on the sides and the back. In addition, there is a shelf at the top that can carry 5 binders if you have a tall locker. At the bottom of the locker it can carry the same as the top. But if you have a tall locker, you may need a locker organizer to store more. There are hooks under the top shelf, on the left, right, and back of the locker. The hooks would normally hold bags, coats, umbrellas, or hats. But there is always more. Normally you would get a locker that is ordinary with nothing in it on both inside and out, but not always. Lockers can be a fun way to get organized or a fun way to hide things.

Lockers are helpful to the world, by storing things inside.

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