Clothes Are Cool by Matthew Swanenburg

Matthew Swanenburg, Author

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When you think of clothing, not much comes to mind. Some people think clothes are awesome, and they love to shop for them, while others only need two or three shirts to get them through the week. A lot of people use clothes to convey their feelings and opinions, or to show appreciation for a sports team. My shirt today is the ladder.

Today, I’m wearing a white cotton tee shirt with an old fashioned Maryland logo on it. The, “M” is in a big font, and is mostly red, with outlines of black and white. On top of the “M” is the Maryland flag, which appears to be moving in the wind, making the design more realistic. Under the “M”, the phrase, “White Out” is written in black lets with some white spots trickled through them. Above the “M”, “Maryland” is written in red, bold letters. The, “Maryland” is outlined in yellow and black.

On the back of the shirt, the Pepsi logo, and the word, “Pepsi”, are written in black and white. Under it, is the Maryland 100 seasons logo. The logo is red, yellow, black and white, and is designed to look like a basketball court, and an old fashioned Maryland jersey. Finally on to the tag. The tag says, “Gildan” and says that the shirt is cotton. No size is listed though.

The shirt I am wearing is one of my favorite shirts. I got it at a Maryland basketball game this year, and I wear it a lot. Shirts are probably my favorite article of clothing, and this is one of my favorites.

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