Describing My Shoes by Liberty Long

Liberty Long, Write

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According to, shoes are an external covering for the human foot, usually of leather and consisting of a more or less stiff or heavy sole and a lighter upper part ending a short distance above, at, or below the ankle.

The brand of my shoes is Adidas. The sole of my shoe is all white and about one and a half inches thick. The main part is like a blue marine color. It had three pink stripes on both sides of my foot. The size of the shoes are 8 ½ in women’s. They are very cushioned on the inside. I got them in March, because I wanted new gym shoes. I don’t remember where I bought it. The laces are blue marine just like the main part of the shoe. They are very basic.

There isn’t really much to the shoes, so that is basically all there is to say about them. They’re pretty nice shoes. If I knew where I got them from I would recommend them, but I don’t remember.


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