Low Top Retro “Jordan Bred” 11s by Drew Colen Jr.

Drew A. Colen Jr.

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     Fashion is very important to me and to other people as well. Today in America dressing nice is everything. There are lots of mainstream clothing lines. In this article I will talk about a shoe (a covering for the foot, typically made of leather, having a sturdy sole and not reaching above the ankle according to google dictionary). 

     I’m currently wearing the Low Top Low Top Retro Jordan “Bred” 11s, a shoe brand popular with the African American Culture which was first released 1996.  The Low Top Retro Jordan “Bred” 11s are mostly black and red (Or for Bred) with some of it being white made by Nike. The inside of the shoe is red with a little bit of black and a Jordan sign at the bottom. The soles of the shoe are also red and black with a black and grey checker board pattern under and kind of on the side of the sole. There is a white strip in between the sole and the top of the shoe. The top of the shoe, the tongue, and the shoelaces are black. There is a Jordan tag above the third shoe lace. It is a black tap with white writing and a red Jordan sign. That is everything about the Low Top Retro Jordan “Bred” 11s. 

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