Making the Mundane Magnificent by Jack Cashwell

Jack Cashwell, Writer

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There is often much more to ordinary everyday objects than what meets the eye. We see certain things so frequently that we forget to take in the details of it and recognize just how much more there is to see than we immediately recognize. One thing that we see frequently that many people don’t see the full picture of is clothing. Everywhere we go, we see clothes. On mannequins, on ourselves, in our closets, on others, in stores, in newspapers, on television. Clothing has become such a staple item in society that we take for granted the hidden details, patterns, colors, and stories behind each article of clothing.

For example, one article of clothing I’m wearing right now is a long sleeved tee shirt. Tee shirts are so common that when we see them, we don’t think twice. However, when you really look, there is a lot to be seen. You’ll notice the different sections, and how they are stitched together, such as how the darker, almost golden-yellow fabric of the front of the tee shirt separates from the medium gray of the sleeves.

The texture is another thing to be noticed. For example, the yellow part on the torso section of the shirt is a smooth fabric, whereas the sleeves have a much different, almost rougher texture. The design, logo, or words on the shirt are smooth and almost rubbery. They are black in color and read “American Eagle,” which is the brand of the shirt.

I got the shirt two Christmases ago from my mom. We got it off the “American Eagle” website online. It’s one of my only long sleeve shirts, and one of my favorites. I like the comfortable fabric and the way the colors compliment blue jeans well. It’s an adult medium in size, as stated on the tag. The tag is not a piece of paper like on most shirts, it’s just written in white font on the inside of the shirt, near the collar area. It also says “American Eagle Outfitters” in white.

When you really look carefully, sometimes the most mundane things can become magnificent. You can find hidden details in anything, even something as common as a tee shirt. Sometimes the most common items are the most interesting when you look for details that you’ve never look for before.

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