My Black and White Converse by Ariyana Gillie

Ariyana Gillie, Writer

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First off you need to know what a pair of converse is. Converse are a very popular American shoe brand. They were original very popular for being an athletic shoe. Now it’s just an everyday shoe for everyday tasks.

Once upon a time there were a pair of black and white converse sitting on the shelves of a shoe store I can’t remember! I was walking around the store with my mom trying to find the perfect pair of shoes. I had approximately one-minute to find my shoes! I was bouncing between color and no color! Then I settled for my amazing black and white converse! They were perfect in my mind. They have 18 eyelets 14 for my shoe laces and two for ventilation. The shoe laces are perfectly white and already laced to perfection.

We went to go pay for the shoes and I was so ready to wear them. The cashier said I made a wonderful choice and hoped I would enjoy them. We got home and I unboxed my shoes and showed my dad. Then I went to my room to put them up so they were safe from all harm. I didn’t wear them for a week because I didn’t want to get them dirty.

Three months later my shoes are still in good shape. They are a little dirty but still white. They’ve been washed a couple times. My shoes have seen Walmart, Tabb Middle, and many other places. They are ready to explore more!

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