My Fabulous Socks by Elizabeth Dinh

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Today, out of all my choices of socks, I chose my fabulous ‘Vans’ socks to wear. These socks help me keep heated so my feet don’t freeze, and they’re the perfect type of socks to wear with my kind of shoes. If I wear my slip on ‘Vans’ with regular socks, they’ll show because the average socks are higher than low socks. Low socks are lower so they won’t show when I wear my shoes.

When wearing my socks, they make my feet warm instead of cold even though they aren’t fuzzy socks. If you own a lot of ‘Vans’ shoes, wearing low socks will save your life. These low socks come in all different type of patterns and designs. What I’m wearing has a peach and white stripe pattern, on the back has the letter ‘Vans’ to represent their company.

I bought my socks in a three-pack package; that’s how Vans sell their socks. These socks are really cool because it’s an all in one sock. You can basically wear it with every type of shoes that requires socks. From heels to sneakers, you can wear it with all. When I bought my socks they were five dollars for three pairs. To me it was a little bit overpriced, but it was worth it.

I really like that Vans socks have good quality, compared to other socks, once you wash them the quality gets worse. But with low socks, they stay the same no matter how many times you wash it. If you were interested in looking for socks, I recommend you buy Vans socks like me.

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