My Magnificent Converse Hightops by JT Pelofske  

JT Pelofske, Writer

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     The mundane article of clothing I am about to make magnificent is my pair of converse high-tops. They’re not like another converse. I have had plenty of converse in the past, but these are like no other. They’re made for maximum comfort and look awesome. 

     Instead of plain canvass, they have cushion like a pair of Vans or Nikes. Their main color is black with white soles and white tips, but they aren’t just plain black and white, on the back half, they have Converse All Star written all over them in big white letters. They have long white laces that I sometimes can’t keep tied, I bought them at Shoe Carnival on a buy-one-get-one half off sale, and they’re a size 9 ½. They have thick soles for extra protection and have a little bit of dirt on them from the kickball field. The only negative is that the bottoms, while tough, are rather hard, so it sometimes hurts to land after jumping or make it difficult to land. 

     I’ve only had them for a couple of weeks, and after weighing the pros and cons, I know for a fact that next time I buy converse, I’ll look for a pair like these. They fit all my needs, they look cool, are super comfy, and they are a mix between an age-old brand and a new twist. I recommend these shoes to anyone who might be looking for a new pair of shoes now. 

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