My Magnificent Windbreaker by Kadence Butte

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After I found out I made the soccer team, my coach put out a link for spirit wear. I was so excited because I would have something to remind me of the fun times I had. I got a windbreaker, and according to Meriam Webster it is a “wind-resistant jacket with a close-fitting neck, waistband, and cuffs.”

Mine is all black with a white line on the arms and sides. On the right side is a logo patch that’s orange and white on the sides and black in the middle with the words Tabb High School.   There is a soccer ball on the bottom and an orange and white tiger on top of the patch. There’s a zipper, but it doesn’t go down all the way, which means this jacket is a half-zip. There’s also a pocket in the middle, and underneath the jacket there’s strings that you can tighten. It has a hood, and the tag inside says sports tech/small/made in China. The reason I got it was because almost everyone on the team did, but also because this was the most interesting one to me. I love it because it lets me show the spirit I have for the sport and for the school.

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