Tabb Middle Courtyard by Ariyana Gillie

Ariyana Gillie, Writer

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The Tabb Middle School Courtyard is full of plants and animals. Even though we don’t get to go out there often, we admire it from our classrooms every day. It is really the heart of our school.

When you first exit the Art room you are ready to explore every corner of the yard. If you take a left you first see a tipped over trashcan. Some trash bags are spilled out…not too sure why. Then you see a pile of dead leaves and branches. After you take a couple steps you see a tree stump from a past tree.

As you’re walking, you have insects buzzing past you. I was walking and spotted a lawnmower that was used for the precisely-cut grass. A hose is spotted along the wall which was probably used to fill the pond.

The pond is the center piece of all the courtyard. It is surrounded by rocks covered in moss. Then little pebbles are filling the space with two guardian angels a frog statue and an owl statue. There’s a pool net, a rake, and shears to maintain the area. Then you look into the pond and see lily pads for resting frogs and little coy fish. There is also a filtering system that is disguised by a waterfall that is connected by a bunch of extension cords. There’s a nice layer of algae covering the side of the pond.

There is a flower bed to the right of the pond. There’s a mixture of full grown flowers and budding flowers. There are some weeds that need to be tamed, but it seems like the groundskeepers keep good care of the flower bed.

Along the other wall you see some trees and bushes. There are brick walls along the whole courtyard with many windows. Through the windows you can see children admiring the beauty of the courtyard. I was absolutely amazed by this experience and I feel everyone should get the opportunity to see it.

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