The Courtyard by Jarren Tucker

Jarren Tucker, Writer

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The Tabb Middle School Courtyard is in the middle of many rooms, which a lot of classrooms have the pleasure of looking through. There is only one entrance and exit, through the art room. From a classroom perspective, the courtyard isn’t much to look at. A few trees here and there, but that’s it. However, once you go outside into the yard, it’s a different experience.

It’s not the biggest area, but it’s a pretty nice space to just sit down and enjoy the nature surrounding. There is a lot of nature in the courtyard, ranging from trees to bushes. Not to mention a small pond right near a wooden bench. Sitting on the bench, you get a nice view of one of the two large trees inside the courtyard. You may also hear the sounds of some of the wildlife such as the fish inside the pond. The courtyard isn’t just about the nature, though. It also has a special kind of quietness that no other place in the school has. The feeling of being away from what the chaos of a school is very relaxing, which is why the courtyard is such a nice spot to be. After a few minutes in the courtyard, you realize that it’s pretty well taken care of. With the addition of a bench and the arranged gravel layouts, it makes the whole scenery look a lot more organized. It’s not perfect, however, as no place is. There is a few power cords in the way and people could trip over it, although they are pretty easy to see.

The strongest aspect of the courtyard is most likely the flower bed that you see once you first walk out. The flowers are filled with many vibrant colors which are amazing to look at. I hope they plant some more flowers in the bed in the near future, because they are definitely the highlight of the whole yard. The trees are probably a runner up for this spot, though. There are two large trees which provide shade for anyone that decides to wander around the courtyard. These trees aren’t too big that they will block out all sunlight, which is a great part of the trees. They are round at the bottoms and are almost connected. The art teacher makes a good use out of these trees, by using them to dry clothing. The trees are a very good feature of the courtyard and I think adding another would make the courtyard way too crowded, so the two large trees are good for now.

The trip to the courtyard was a very nice experience, and it makes you really appreciate how nice and interesting nature can be. I totally recommend that anyone who likes nature to check out the Tabb Middle School courtyard. The scenery of the courtyard is very good. Our school is very lucky to have such a nice courtyard.

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