Courtyard by Jeremiah Wiley

Jeremiah Wiley, Typer

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The courtyard is in the middle of TMS. There is only one way to get there and that is through the art room door. It is surrounded by classes and windows. Whenever you want to see the courtyard you can just look out the window. It is approximately 50 feet wide and 100 feet long. The courtyard shape is rectangular. The courtyard is meant to decorate the school and be a way to relax when you are stressed and upset. The courtyard is also a good way to observe nature and a work on a good writing prompt. 

The courtyard’s main attraction is the pond. The pond is filled with lily pads, fish, seaweed, and there also is a little frog who lives there. Around the pond there are sediments and then rocks and stones surrounding it. There also big ferns and different colored flowers and there is a big tree in the middle of the courtyard. Also, in the courtyard there is a walkway that has benches and is surrounded by tiny trees. There is also an owl and frog statue and everywhere you look you would see clover mites. This is our TMS courtyard. 


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