Our Courtyard in Tabb Middle by Kendall Hay


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At our school, from front to back. A place that is surrounded by windows, shinning its pretty colors creating a sense of actual life. You just want to gaze at it for hours. In Tabb middle our courtyard is shaped like a rectangular prism, which is approximately 50ft wide X 100ft long. The purpose of a courtyard in our school can be mostly decoration, sometimes a learning environment based on the class you’re in, and a great inspiration for good thoughts.

When you first see the court yard your eyes just lock on to on big part that’s closer to the back of the school. From the ending of middle section, you see a big circle with big rocks on the outside and smaller rocks past the big rocks in the inside of the circle. There are two trees connected by a piece of string. From a tree in the middle to a tree next to the big rocks and a pair of shears next to it. Also in the middle of the string has an old drain, still working on the floor. The center layer of this circle is a little pond with small orange fish, surrounded by pond plants making more livable creatures. Behind a huge patch of rocks on the right that had a hose going through the middle of the patched rocks that can also be considered as a filtering system. Letting out water to fill the pond up. The back of the pond, on the smaller rocks. There is a bench for you to sit on and an owl statue gazing at the pond. Most people see that first. But have you ever looked around that?

Beyond the beauty of one big peaceful circle. There’s a stump that used to be a tree and some dead grass. On the corner sides, it’s mostly supplies for the garden, such as a lawn mower, water hose, chopped skinny wood, gasoline, trash bags, and a fallen-over trash bin. On the left, there are trees and tree like bushes, very pretty flowers near the art room, and in front of the newspaper room is a half fallen down water pipe. Also, on the right side. A graceful tree 20 inch away from the left side tree. There is a perfectly good rake on the side, a water hose that looked like it hasn’t been used in a while still connected to the water pump, another hose that looks like it’s just been placed there. And more dead grass. It’s not much of a garden looking at its outside.



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