Tabb Middle School Courtyard by JT Pelofske

JT Pelofske, Writer

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Past the doors of the Tabb Middle School is a place untouched by students. The courtyard is a world in its own. The beautiful green plants and deep pond full of fish. The courtyard isn’t just a place, it’s a vision. A vision of beauty that students can only dream of going to, but rarely ever do. They can look at from their classroom windows, though!

The Tabb Middle School courtyard has been around for as long as anyone can remember. It is about fifty feet wide and a hundred feet long. There are all kinds of plants, including yellow iris flowers around the Koi pond. There are lily pads on the surface, and some people say there is a fog, but I haven’t seen one. The trees are one of my favorite parts, their branches and leaves make a canopy over the pond and bench sheilding anyone who sits under it from the weather. 

The teachers mostly take care of it, but Mrs. Shaske says she takes the most care of it though. She talks about a red-tailed hawk that ate most of the Koi, so now there are only a few small ones that you can see if you squint. 

All in all, it is a beautiful place that is best left out of the grasps of littering, messy, dangerous students. Some things are best left alone, and this is one of them. 

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