The Wonderful Courtyard by Jamal Thomas

Jamal Thomas, Writer

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The Tabb court yard is in the middle of Tabb middle school. The only way to enter the courtyard is from inside the art room. Its outside the newspaper class room and surrounded by classrooms with windows. It’s approximately 50 feet wide x 100 feet long and its rectangular. The purpose of the courtyard is to relax people and a home for animals and bugs. If you need to be inspired that’s a place to go it’s so quiet and calm. The court yard has a lot of big rocks and many little rocks around the pond and tall big green and yellow grass. In each of the corners there are at least two bushes.  

 When you walk into the court yard you first notice that there are orange cones all around the court yard. Then as you walk towards the bench you will see the frog statue and owl statue and in front of that is the pond and there were about three or four orange fish in the pond.  Above the tall tree with tall vines and bugs, there were about two hawks in the sky. Then after you make your way from the pond you notice a brownish red lawn mower with gloves next to it and butterflies.  

I have learned that the Tabb middle school court yard is very diverse and can mean different things to different people 



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